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Start your business as an Independent Consultant with LOVEWINX & see your life change financially and socially! We now offer a new way to explode your business with the introduction of LOVEWINX Life Essential Oils! Diffusers, oil blends and concentrates plus more! 2 Catalogs, 2 businesses in 1!


You'll see more self confidence, more free time, a bigger bank account, and a feeling of fulfillment knowing you are helping women feel more open and secure with their own sexuality. It's also amazing being your own boss and making the rules on when and how much you want to work! These days, more and more women are finding financial freedom with direct sales. I know that staying home with my kids was important to me. I wanted to find a way where I could do that and still make money! No experience? It's ok! We provide online training and weekly conference calls!

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What sets us apart from the other adult home party plans out there?
First, we are the only romance company to manufacture over 80% of our own  natural products! They use only the best ingredients in all our bath, body and sexual enhancers so that you are selling something you feel good about. The fact that LOVEWINX manufactures most of these products, gives them the ability to pay more of the profits back to their consultants! Second, our products are revolutionary. We don't just help put a band-aid on the problem, we aim to fix the problem!
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I was with Taboo Essentials by Party Gals from 2009 until they merged with LOVEWINX in 2015! I'm now happily transitioned and excited about the new business!

Remember, we are not just home parties. We are at your fairgrounds, women's or bridal expos, job fairs, flea markets, Facebook and more! Start your path to a sexy, lucrative new career!
There is no requirement to recruit, but why wouldn't you? The benefits can be AMAZING!! You can earn 2 - 6% of your team volume up to 6 levels!


My favorite part of LOVEWINX are the All Natural products! I feel good using them myself, so I know you're going to love them, too! One of the great things about the starter kits is that most contain multiples of items, so you can add one to your demo AND sell one for profit OR keep it for yourself as product testing!! They contain all natural ingredients and contain no sulfates and no parabens!

Earn up to $750 in FREE PRODUCTS  for participating in our Fast Start Program!
You'll also earn more free products for recruiting!
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    With thousands of consultants across the nation, LOVEWINX is a leading force in the adult novelty party plan industry. Offering the highest commissions on sales and residual income for recruiting and the best discount on starter kits - up to 75% off the retail price!

Imagine getting paid to party with fabulous ladies!  That’s just what you’ll be doing every time you’re booked to do a Party!  Meet new friends, and help other women discover their sensual sides, and enhance their relationships. You’ll start out at a lucrative commission based on your start kit, and will have the opportunity to earn even more through promotions, and bulk discounts of up to 65%! It’s so easy to meet women who want to throw a Party Gals Party, and with some basic training, you’ll be on your way to generating some extra cash immediately!

By sharing your Business with the ladies you meet, you’ll find other women who want to make great money as a LOVEWINX CONSULTANT!  By offering them guidance and support, these new friends and business partners will become valuable assets as you’ll earn bonuses on their sales!

You will have the opportunity to market yourself through your own personal LOVEWINX Website!  This means, you’ll be making money while you sleep, spend time with your family, or work your “other” job!  By having a 24 hour retail site, you can offer these incredible products to your customers any time of the day!

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