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FAQ About Becoming a LOVEWINX Romance Consultant
Remember, this will be YOUR business. The more you know about it, the better you will be. So here list of questions that I feel are "must knows" when choosing your business. I have also answered these questions according to the LOVEWINX compensation plan.
If you are currently comparing companies, it is a good idea to ask these questions and compare answers to find the best-suited company for you.

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How long has this company been in business? Who is your President?
LOVEWINX was founded in July 2014 but has the combined forces of 5 different romance companies including Taboo Essentials by Party Gals, UnderCoverWear, Fantasia Home Parties, Tasteful Treasures  and Victorian Pleasures of Canada! LOVEWINX has thousands of distributors in the US and CANADA and growing every day! We are the Fastest Growing Romance Company in North America! Our President is Jamie Lamp, a former romance consultant who decided to go out on her own and make the best romance company with the best all natural products and an incredible compensation plan! Simply give us a try! There are no contracts!

Is there an monthly fee to be a consultant?
No! Unlike other companies, there are no fees! Just the cost of your kit!

How much are the kits and what is the retail value?
There are 3 kits available.
A. $195 kit (+$25 shipping) = $400 retail
B. $295 kit (+ $35 shipping) = $1000 retail
C. $495 kit ($45 shipping) = $2000 retail

View all the kits here.

Will I ever be charged more than my initial investment for the kit?
No, LOVEWINX will never charge you more than the listed cost of the kit. Once you order it, the kit is yours.

How much profit will I make on my sales when I begin?
You can earn between 35 - 55% with the average consultant making 45 -51%! Take advantage of our Fast Start Program and you'll earn over $550 in Free Product if completed in 60 days! Earn even more when you recruit!

What is my profit? Are there some items where the profit is more/less?
Every LOVEWINX consultant will start with a 35% discount. You are bumped up to 40% after you do $800 in sales (including your kit points) and up to 45% when you reach $2000 in sales accumulative. Recruit just two girls and your commission will jump up 2% for each of them! You will receive additional income from your recruits, personal sales volume and for reaching certain incentives. Plus free products! LOVEWINX gives back over 81% of their profits to their consultants!

When and how do I get paid for my sales?
There are two ways to collect your commissions.
1. Your customers will pay you retail cost for the product they order. You will then place your order for the product they are purchasing and pay wholesale cost. Anything left over from what you collected at the party is your profit! You are paid at the time of the sale and/or party. Remember to charge your customers tax & shipping.
2. Enter customer orders through your free personal website! You are paid by check the following month on these sales and on your team volume.

Are there minimum sales requirements? What happens if I don't reach it?
To remain an active consultant you must make a $100 retail purchase Each Month. This is retail cost, so don't forget to deduct your discount. If you do not do your minimum monthly, you will be deactivated and must call in a $200 order for you to become active again. You will lose your recruits and any free product credits you had.

Do I have the freedom to sell products to whomever and wherever I want?
Yes. You can sell product to men, women, companies or anywhere that is legal. Sell out of your car, a store, over the Internet, just as long as you are obeying the law.

Do I have the freedom to choose to do Co-Ed or couples parties?
Yes. We believe that this type of product is for couples. Pure Romance does not allow men at their parties or as consultants. We think this is wrong! Therefore, it should be available to both men and women to purchase the items they like. Ladies only parties are great, but if you have a hostess who wants her husband and her guests husbands to attend her party, you have an option to allow them if you want.  We believe this is YOUR business, and you can choose to do couples parties and co-ed parties in addition to ladies only.

Will the company give me party leads? If so, how do I get them?
Yes. If someone calls into the home office and wants to have a party, the nearest active consultant is contacted and given the lead. My website may also receive party or catalog requests and I pass them on to YOU, as part of my team. If you are near me, you may receive party leads if I am not available on a certain date for someone.

Are the products that I will be selling for your company guaranteed? What happens if something needs to be replaced because it is defective?
We offer a warranty, which will guarantee the toy for 60 days. Be sure to check your toys as soon as they arrive!

How often are new products introduced? How often do catalogs come out?
We are always adding new products to our line. Catalogs are updated twice a year.

Will I pay sales tax on all items I order?
As an Independent Consultant, you will charge your customers tax, then be charged tax on your orders. Corporate will pay your state taxes for you! How easy is that?!

Does the company pay the hostess credits?
No, LOVEWINX does not pay hostess credits you will. You may be thinking this is a bad thing. Many people may try to tell you that this will drop your commission rate. It will NOT! The companies who do pay hostess credits only take care of the hostess and you will not make profit from her order. Other companies will require you to disclose customer information and they may also require you to pay retail for the orders and wait for a check to pay your profit from the party. We feel it is a better system to let you take care of the hostess credit. Remember, if a hostess has a $500 party, her hostess credit is only based on her guest’s sales, so the credit will be $50 and your cost is less your discount. It also gives you the freedom to offer more incentives and additional gifts if you want to do that for certain hostesses for holidays or other specials. I typically give my hostess her most expensive item at 30-40% off, depending on the sales.

Am I required to recruit new consultants? What do I get if I do?
No, you are not required to recruit. If you do get a recruit you will receive a percentage of your recruit’s sales in a commission check plus free product credits. Depending on your level, you may get higher percentages and even bonuses.

What other incentives to I get for my sales and my recruits?
You can get bonuses for recruiting, and a percentage of your 1st, through 6th level team members based on your title. Plus monthly free product credits based on sales! You will be able to view the  Incentive Plan for all the extra commissions & incentives you can earn after joining.

Does the company have a web site? Can I have my own domain in the company web site?
Yes and yes. And you can choose the name for your site. You will also have a web counter to see when people visit your page and what pages they went to!

How much is my website? Are there monthly fees?
Your website is FREE! There are no monthly fees with LOVEWINX!

Can I process my own orders online?
Yes, it is very easy. You can edit and send your orders online and they are shipped to you in 1-2 business days.

Can I view my personal sales and my recruits on my web site?
Yes, you will be able to view every order you make in your "account activity" on your web site. You can also view and keep track of your recruits and their sales.

Can I view the traffic on my website?
You will be able to see every time your website gets a visitor. You'll also see a list of anyone who has come to your web site and which pages they visited. You'll have forms so your customers can request catalogs, host a party, become a consultant or place an order. This is beneficial because you can follow up with these people, send specials to them and add them to your client or customer list.

Will I have any advertising restrictions on my web site or my business?
No, you may advertise where ever or however you want. You can advertise and sell online or a national magazine, it is up to you. When you use the LOVEWINX logo on your ads, you may want to be it cleared with the home office but there are no restrictions or boundaries on your advertising.

Can I do expos, shows and fair booth type events?
Yes, you can do all of these types of events if you want to. They are encouraged and are a great way to build your business.

Are there weekly or monthly meetings I will need to attend?
No, we don't have required meetings. We do offer weekly conference calls on different topics. You can call in and listen. We also have regional Meet-N-Greets that are optional and extremely helpful. We have online training demos that you can view at your leisure. We have optional weekly conference calls. And a training manual is online. There is also a Facebook group where you can ask questions of other LOVEWINX consultants. Corporate also provides graphics for you to customize and use as you wish.

Is there a yearly convention? Where is it and how much does it cost?
There is a yearly convention and a yearly training convention! Our April 2016 training will take place in Minneapolis, MN and is only a $25 registration fee!

Are there incentives for NEW DISTRIBUTORS?
Yes! You earn over $550 in free products by completing our Fast Start Program in your first 60 days! Earn even more when you recruit! And don't worry, there are levels to this program so you can still earn free products for reaching each of those levels!

Will I receive personal training from this company to learn this business?
Yes! You will never be "alone". You will have me to guide you through and there are product guides to download and study. We have a supportive Facebook group to ask questions and get ideas. Your kit contains everything you need to get started and to become successful. LOVEWINX works one on one with their consultants to give them the tools and techniques they need. It truly is the most supportive company out there empowering women all over the world.

 Thanks for reading! There's no business like LOVEWINX!

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